Welcome to the website of Champions!

Chess holds its master in its own bond, shackling the mind and brain so that the inner freedom of the very strongest must suffer -Albert Einstein



A world where chess is popular in every school in the nation and schools teach or at least have a chess club on campus.



To play as much chess as we can and meet together as a much as possible in order to not only become better players but to influence our peers in our school and others to start chess clubs, tournaments, or small friendly matches between schools in order to bring back alive this beautiful game.



Our goal for this upcoming school year 2018-2019 is to grow our club by 10-20%, collect sponsors from the community in order to send our players to more tournaments. We currently for the past few years have only gone to one small tournament at our local community college where we only play our rival school Oceanside High School. We have won over the past few years in team matches and individual matches, we are currently champions in both titles. We hope to start our own tournament at El Camino High School in Oceanside Ca. where we plan on inviting every school in North County  and some San Diego and Temecula Schools.

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